Is Gynecomastia Reversible?

Gynecomastia is a common condition in which males develop breasts. Although all males have breasts, this condition is characterized by excess tissue growth in men’s breasts, which tend to give appearance of women’s breasts. It may affect one breast or both.

Is gynecomastia reversibleMale breast is generally a benign condition and doesn’t cause any physical condition. However, it may cause some serious self-esteem problems and prevent the victim from leading his normal life due to continuous embarrassments. So, is gynecomastia reversible? Yes, there are many ways on how to reverse the male breasts.

Stay calm this condition is not the end of the world

However, before deciding on the most suitable treatment method, you need to determine whether you’ve the true gynecomastia or the pseudo gynecomastia. In pseudo gynecomastia, the breast tissues actually enlarge. While, in true gynecomastia case, there is no growth of the breast muscles, it’s just fat that has accumulated on the chest and gives appearance of breasts.There are many causes of this condition with the most common one being the hormonal imbalance.

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Take a look at some of the best ways to reverse gynecomastia:

Identify and treat the causes

The first step to get rid of this condition permanently is to identify the causes. It could be due to renal failure, cirrhosis of liver, hyperthyroidism or other related diseases. Go to your medical doctor and he/ she would suggest some of the necessary tests required to identify the underlying cause and suggest the best treatment accordingly.

Change medication

If your condition is ignited by side effects of some medicines you’re having, then it’s appropriate to change your medications. Talk to your medical doctor to give you some other alternative medicines, which would treat your condition without causing any further side effect.

Lose weight

If you’ve pseudo gynecomastia, then obviously it’s as a result of obesity. Consequently, plan your own effective weight loss routine or get help from a reliable dietician. Avoid fatty foods as much as possible but eat vegetables, fresh fruits and salad. You do not have to starve yourself, eat healthy foods. Fitness is very important if you are determined to completely reverse male breasts.

Begin to exercise

Although exercises may not eliminate male breasts completely, it would definitely give your chest a considerably defined look. Try exercises that specifically target the chest. A simpler one is the pushups, which could be performed everywhere and is effective in toning your chest.

Other types of exercises that would enable you to have a toned chest include chest dips, dumbbell include press, pullovers, dips, bench press and much more. Get help from the gym instructor and work out more regularly to attain results. Besides the chest exercises, any other activity like playing a sport, cycling or swimming would also prove useful to lose the overall body weight.

Try medication

Doctors might sometimes offer some medications to correct this hormonal imbalance. Tamoxifen, the estrogen receptor modulator, which is normally used in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, can be utilized to treat gynecomastia. It’s known to be effective since it lowers the estrogen levels in the body.

In addition, inhibitors like letrozole are also very effective. However, they’re not universally approved by most medical experts to get rid of the condition. Herbal supplements are also available to cure gynecomastia. However, you have to consult with your doctor on the most suitable medicine for you.

Opt for surgery

If all these methods fail, then as your last resort, you will have to go for surgery to get rid of this problem. There are many different kinds of surgeries done to reverse gynecomastia. The most popular one is known as liposuction, which removes breast fats but not the breast s gland tissues. The other type is mastectomy where the breast gland tissues are removed. Skin sculpture can be done along with these two surgeries.

However, if the causes of the condition are not treated, then breasts might grow again even after surgery. Furthermore, surgeries are typically quite expensive and because they are considered as cosmetic ones, they are usually not covered under medical insurance. The surgeries would cost you from $4000 to $8000. After the surgery, you’ll have to wear a tight compression vest for around 4-6 weeks, until it fully heals. You have to discuss all the ideal options available with your doctor before undergoing surgery

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